Being Unstoppable

Being Unstoppable in business is a powerful concept. It requires intrinsic knowledge, vision, a talented team and a healthy dose of “fire in the belly.”  And the potential it creates is unlimited.

At a celebration dinner recently I was talking strategy with our newest client. It was a good conversation overall, but there was a moment when they perked up and smiled. One moment when the conversation changed. It happened when I said the words, “how to be unstoppable without compromise.”

It is interesting how certain words evoke certain feelings.

The idea of being unstoppable is very powerful. It speaks to perseverance. It speaks to follow-through. It speaks to courage and strength and triumph.

Being unstoppable means being the best we can be. It means settling for nothing short of your goal.

What would need to happen to make you unstoppable? Is it a passion you already have?  Or a feeling long lost?

To be unstoppable we need to:

Be fully committed to the goalEngage your team, gain alignment, and keep them fired upKeep asking. What else? What’s next? How else? Who do we need? What can I do?Explore Plan B… Plan C… Plan D…Focus on progress not perfectionBe comfortable being outside your comfort zoneUse hacks to motivate and expedite – whatever works for you – checklists, reminders, calendars, meeting structures, daily huddles, daily planning, etc…Enjoy the ride and the thrill of getting closer to your commitmentsSniff out barriers like a lion on the hunt. Then get rid of themWhen someone says “it’s impossible” stand up and say “That is NOT an option”And anything else required to get the job done

How do you feel about the idea of being unstoppable? Does it make you smile? Do you feel it deep down inside?  Does it make you hungry for more?  Yep.  That’s how I’m feeling right now.

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