Collaborative Leadership Influence: The Secret Ingredient to Business Success

Do you find  the steps leaders must take to be effective can often be a long arduous process? Too often I observe current leaders relying on their position power, rather than their ability to use collaborative leadership influence to achieve the desired business results. As leaders, we must understand the power we have to use a collaborative approach versus a command and control approach is well within our control. The process of leading more effectively in 2010 should start with recognizing that the words you use as a leader will determine the level of success you will achieve with your team, staff, committee, peers, and even your boss if you have one. You can influence even the most difficult person you encounter at work if you understand some basic leadership influential principles.
“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another. ”-Napoleon Hill

Three Steps to Using Your Collaborative Leadership Influence:

The first step is to recognize that your authority to get others to execute does not come from your position or title. Your authority to lead is granted by your ability to communicate and engage others in a manner that will compel them to do as you request.

The second step is to focus on honing your ability to demonstrate the leadership behaviors you desire to see in others. You cannot expect to get the desired performance from others if you are not demonstrating the actions you are requiring.

The third step is to immediately identify the people who are a key component of your success and determine the steps you must take to effectively engage them. Creating action around these identified steps will propel you to levels of influence you never imagined were possible. Let’s face it. There is way too much work that must be done to dig yourself out of the mountain of accountability and execution demands you face each day.

You must learn to engage others to assist you. The best way to engage others is to demonstrate your capacity to involve them in creating the desired success.

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