Should you hire remote staff for your business?

Once upon a time the words “working remotely” struck fear into the hearts of employers everywhere. Working away from the gaze of managers was frowned upon, and was generally viewed with suspicion. Nowadays, things have progressed and remote staff are employed by everyone from small start-ups to multi billion dollar corporations. Remote staff are a necessity in this day and age, where office space is at a premium and those with the right skills aren’t always located near the business premises. So, should you consider jumping on the bandwagon and hiring remote staff for your business? The answer is yes, if you are the kind of business that is flexible. Here are some points to bear in mind when making the decision.
Remote workers

Is my business suitable for remote staff?

Probably. You’d be surprised at how many businesses have the potential to operate remotely. With more and more businesses choosing to move their operations online it is fast becoming the norm to hire remote workers. Here’s a good example: casinos used to be associated with large, plush city premises. Now there are online casinos which require no expensive buildings or large reserves of electricity to operate. Online casinos are adapting to their new virtual environments by hiring online chat hosts who are responsible for cultivating that same sense of social participation and hospitality that you would find at a normal casino. They work remotely and it’s a system that both staff and customers benefit from. Customer service for businesses can actually improve once it moves from face to face to being virtual, because staff are more productive and have a better working environment.

Remote workers get more done

Have you ever decided to complete a project at home and realised that you get far more done out of the office? You’re not alone. A study published in Harvard Business Review found that employees in a call centre were far more productive when they worked remotely. Staff members at travel website Crisp who worked from home were found to be happier and less likely to leave their jobs, as well as more productive than their office-based counterparts. Staff completed 13.5% more calls from home, meaning that they worked the equivalent of almost an extra day’s work a week. They also reported a much higher rate of job satisfaction. The study found that Crisp saved an average of $1,900 per employee for the nine month trial, based on costs incurred from working in the office (such as office furniture and energy bills) and of course employee retention.

Why do remote workers get more done?

It’s thought that one major reason for home workers being so much more productive is that they simply have a quieter work space with less distractions from colleagues and less noise than you find in a busy office. On top of this, remote workers don’t have a commute, meaning they have more energy and time, and they begin their working days earlier than they would in an office. The Harvard study also found that remote workers worked longer hours, took less breaks and finished their working day later than they would normally. If that doesn’t have you scrambling to get more remote workers for your business, nothing will.

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