Leadership Behaviors that Create Future Success

Leaders have a tremendous amount of influence over what they want to happen in the workplace. The problem is most leaders struggle with leading through influence. Too many leaders are still trying to lead by position power. Today’s workforce is composed of four generations of workers. These workers are more discerning in their choice to follow leaders blindly. 

” A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John C. Maxwell

Today’s leaders must demonstrate leadership behaviors that people find engaging and approachable if they expect compliance. Your title or place on the organization chart are no longer enough to get people to follow your direction. After all, most people are concerned about their future, so they will be reluctant to initiate your direction if they don’t understand what’s in it for them to be successful.

So what are leaders suppose to do to continue to create success for themselves and the organization?

Here are some examples of the leadership behaviors people must see you consistently demonstrate:

- Engage others by first asking, and then actively listening to the responses ,when you ask the viewpoint of others about the current challenges. People want to feel heard and they are yearning for leaders who sincerely want to hear what they have to say.

-Communicate your desire to serve as a leader who understands the solutions to the challenges must come from every level within the organization. Everyone has something to contribute.

-Demonstrate your willingness to collaborate outside of your normal network to show you understand the need to open up the lines of communication. People are watching to see if you are walking the talk concerning the critical importance of collaboration to turn results around.

-Be open to receiving feedback on the effectiveness of your current leadership communication style. Once people trust that they can be candid, they will be vocal about how you are or are not helping them create solutions.

-Create opportunities for people to demonstrate leadership in new ways. Innovation is the solution for the future so empower people and get out of the way.

Successful leaders will be able to look back and clearly identify when their team, department, or business unit turned the corner on delivering consistent business results if they would actively demonstrate these leadership behaviors.

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