Leadership Tools - Celebrate Small Victories

We are probably all aware of some very small breakdowns that eventually lead to a monumental collapse. We may have even committed one or two small mistakes of our own at work that resulted in huge failures. We are made aware of small mistakes in the workplace in a misguided attempt to combat imperfections and failures. The downside of managing to avoid mistakes is that it is a lot like playing NOT to lose. Rather than forging ahead and nurturing greatness, we tend to focus on flying under the radar, grateful that we made it through another day without anyone mentioning our name in conjunction with some pending disaster. A passionate leader recognizes how stifling and uninspiring this can be and discourages dwelling on mistakes. A passionate leader cultivates inventiveness and assertiveness, and delights in acknowledging achievements.

Can you name the last time you created a significant celebration over a fairly insignificant achievement? This doesn’t happen in the workplace very often, if ever. But the passionate leader recognizes two things. First, focusing on victories, whether large or small, impassions and empowers the team and its players. It fosters joie de vivre and encourages creativity. The ability to work without the encumbrances of potential failure is liberating!

Secondly, the passionate leader appreciates the value of public recognition for direct reports. Public acclaim for seemingly unimportant tasks lets your direct reports know how much you understand the minutiae of their job, and it announces to the entire company that you have a talented and effective department. Your direct reports will welcome and respond favorably to this opportunity for them to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Celebrate small victories!

We all can get caught up in the daily tasks - the daily challenges and forget how far we have come. I love taking a few moments each month to see how I am doing. I look to see if we satisfied the customer, reached a milestone in a project or learned something new. I do not need much to celebrate! A toast to a job well done with the click of two coffee mugs, a bit of chocolate to share, a thank you note to a team…take the time this month to celebrate the small victories!

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