Project Management Service

Project Management Service
We recognise that good project management is essential to the success of any project.

At Office Principles we have a track record of quality project management and we consider the smooth running of all our design, refurbishment, relocation and fit out projects to be of vital importance. We have a team of dedicated project managers who are responsible for the delivery and successful completion of every project we embark on.

Every project is completed to a high standard due to regular communication and working to our proven systems. Our project managers are ready for challenges and have the ability to manage any task you throw at them.

Our 5-Star Project Delivery service ensures that every aspect of project management is controlled effectively

 The 5 aspects of our scheme include:

1. Great Communication

We share the whole ethos of the design for your project with our on-site team so that everyone has an understanding of what the final result should look like. We work together as a team, constantly exchanging and transferring ideas, to ensure the smooth running of your project. We hold weekly site meetings to keep you informed throughout the duration of the project.

2. Quality Standards

We strive for excellence at every level of the project. We are constantly snagging our work as we go, to safeguard a ‘snag-free’ finish when we hand the office over to you.

3. On Time

Whilst we are working on the design for your office we will be planning ahead and preparing detailed project programmes. This means we are ready to start on site as soon as you give the go-ahead. Our tight schedules are adhered to by all parties, and everyone is organised to ensure that we finish ready for you to start using the office space immediately.

4. Operate Safety and Sustainably

Well-being and protection is our constant concern. As an ISO18001 accredited company, we take Health and Safety very seriously and always liaise with the best consultants to ensure all our sites are fully maintained in a risk averse way. We have a strict waste management policy in place to ensure that all our waste is recycled.

5. The ‘Fifth Star’

What is your particular concern? Maybe you need to complete the comms room a week early, or noise levels must be kept to a minimum. As the client, you can choose the 5th aspect of our 5-Star Project Delivery and we guarantee it will be done.

We empower our project managers to assume responsibility for your project and therefore the responsibility for its success.

This level of understanding and responsibility is instilled by our project managers into the on-site team creating a positive, can-do culture with a clear vision of the objectives.

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