The Anatomy of Peace – lesson

Hello, Today, I want to share a lesson about your heart and your peace. This is quite a voyage for the unsuspecting mind..

Your heart can be either:
At peace
At war
With people. (particular people or group of people)

If it is at peace (you can feel that) the relationship can grow,
If it is at war the relationship suffers.

Conflict arises when one or two partners have a heart at war, then it escalates and spreads.
The ego likes the war state and it often causes us to go there…

Your heart is at war with someone if you are in a “box” towards them.
Those boxes are misperceptions of the mind, shadows of our ego, unconscious states but noticeable by others.
I have been in many of those boxes many times too and suffered from being there enough.

4 most common Boxes:
- I am better than you
- I deserve more
- I am worse than you
- I must be seen as..

Boxes make you blind, you cannot see because you become a slave of mistaken perception, opinion, judgment.
You feel righteous.
When you are in the box it is impossible to understand another and the unconscious mind fights, screams, resents, complains etc.
You may develop contempt for the other person treating her like an object rather than a person. This makes communication impossible.

The way to get out of this is to return to the heart at peace.
You do that by apologizing to the person and doing something that your heart feels can help repair itself and the wrong treatment (do not count on convincing the other person that you are now OK or that they will forgive you).

When my heart is in peace it always feels good. It is a difficult state to maintain but feels absolutely like a great relief..
Leadership happens out of the box. Only when we stop feeling that we must be right about something – a connection could be created.

Only then it becomes a human to human relationship not a role to role “contract”.

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