How to Choose a Caribbean Cruise

With the Caribbean being one of the most popular cruise destinations for people taking a cruise vacation, passengers are left with only one problem, choosing a Caribbean cruise which will meet their unique cruise vacation needs. The first question to be answered when choosing a Caribbean cruise is whether you want to cruise to the east or west Caribbean, both being very popular cruise destinations and offering a variety of activities and cruising delights. Both the east and west Caribbean have so much to offer so when choosing a Caribbean cruise passengers are best to check out which ports each cruise will be stopping in, the cruise duration, and of course the on board amenities of the cruise ship to make sure that they get exactly what they are looking for in a cruise vacation. Once the future passengers short list which cruises are best suited to them it is a good idea to look at the different offerings that the east and west Caribbean offer as this will help them in finally choosing a Caribbean cruise.

Choosing a Caribbean Cruise

For those looking to cruise through the east Caribbean they can expect to disembark from Florida and travel to exotic destinations including Saint Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Saint John. As the islands in the east Caribbean this is an ideal cruise destination for people looking for a cruise which is shorter in duration. Most cruises to the east Caribbean are of seven days duration and allow passengers to enjoy a wide variety of shore excursions and take advantage of the shopping and water activities that each of the ports offer. The west Caribbean offers passengers looking for longer cruise times as opposed to shore excursions the opportunity to cruise through some of the most exotic waters found anywhere in the world. The west Caribbean offers passengers the opportunity to start their cruise from Texas, Florida or New Orleans and travel through spectacular islands including Jamaica and the Dominican Republic and also the chance to travel to mainland ports including Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize. As the ports are further apart than those in the east Caribbean these cruises are an ideal choice for those looking for a longer cruise vacation and don’t mind the extra time that they will spend at sea before disembarking on shore excursions.

Regardless of whether passengers choose a cruise vacation to the east or west Caribbean they can be assured that they will sail through the most sought after cruising waters famous for the clear aqua blue waters and pristine beaches. When choosing a Caribbean cruise, passengers will find that either the east or west Caribbean will provide them with the cruising vacation that they desire and can be assured that the cruise itself will become a treasured memory for many years to come. When choosing a Caribbean cruise many people will feel inundated with the choices that are on offer however what ever Caribbean cruise they choose they will not regret their choice.

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