Interesting Facts

Malta has some of the oldest free standing structures; an example is Hagar Qim temple dating back to 3200 BC. This site was used for religious rituals.

New Zealand has more sheep than humans. For every person there are 4 sheep in New Zealand. It’s good to be a sheep in the kiwi land!

South African shores have some very large mammals visiting it’s coast every year, the southern right whales, who come in these warm waters to mate and raise their cubs. From June to September one can see whales from the coast, a unique feature that only few countries can offer.

Nepal has 8 of the 14 highest peaks on the planet; Everest the highest mountain in the world has an elevation of 8,848 meters. Quite impressive for such a small country!!

Qatari people don’t pay their water and electricity bill, it is provided free of charge.

Ireland’s Guinness is a trademark. A visit to the Guinness factory is a must; one can see a step by step in the making of this famous ale. On the highest floor one can enjoy a pint of Guinness at the glassed dome bar.

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