Best general health tips for men and women

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General health tips for all

1. Take naps. 

We all experience days where is it just not possible to get adequate sleep. 
Therefore, taking a short nap throughout the course of the day is a good way to subsidize your normal nights sleep.
 Short 20-30 minute naps are thought to increase alertness and performance, while not interfering with your normal sleep patterns. 
Many people view the opportunity to take a nap as a short vacation from the daily grind, and this psychological benefit is thought to be a good reason to try to fit in naps whenever possible. 

2. Health tips for don’t smoke

If you’re a smoker you’ve probably heard it a million times – “don’t smoke”! Well make that a million and one. It is a proven fact that smoking causes a range of horrible health problems. Kick the habit now and you’ll greatly reduce your risk of getting a smoking related disease. And as an added bonus you’ll save money.

3. Health tips to stop the spread of germs. 

Although your mother always told you to cover you mouth 

when you cough or sneeze, doctors are recommending that you don’t. Instead, it is 
advisable to cough or sneeze into a tissue, or even your elbow. The reason is fairly 
common sense actually. When you cough or sneeze your germs into your hands, you are 
much more likely to spread them by touching… well just about anything.

4. Health tips to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. 

If you want to avoid potential health problems, getting a good, solid night’s sleep is the most effective way to stay healthy.

Research has shown that there is a definitive connection between sleep and good health.

 Sleep disruptions and insomnia are linked to the development of high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and anxiety.

If you are currently experiencing sleep problems, it is important to talk to your doctor to devise a plan to correct the problem.

 The long term effects of sleep disruption could lead to the development of diabetes and even obesity. 

There is no set number of hours of sleep that is right for everyone. Therefore, sleep 
experts recommend that you perform a simple test to determine the amount that is right for you.

On a day when you are well rested and not stressed, turn off your alarm clock and go to bed. Give yourself at least 8 hours to see how long you will sleep. When your body is rested, you will wake up.

That will give you a good idea of what your body needs to function at an optimal level.

5. Forget that tan. 

A common myth among Americans is that booth tanning is far safer and less harmful to the skin than actual sunbathing. This myth is just that, a myth. Studies have proven that people who tan in booths experience many of the same health problems as those who have had a large amount of sun exposure.

 People who tan in either fashion are likely to see signs of aging sooner, and have a high risk of developing skin cancer.

6. Find out your RealAge. 

Do you think you are biologically younger, older or the same as your birthday age?

Take the RealAge test and find out. You’ll learn what is making you younger or older than you really are and get a personalized plan to help you look and feel younger.

Take the test at

7. Make good health a family affair. 

Getting everyone in the family involved in making healthier choices will not only make it more fun, but it will also help your children learn the importance of taking care of themselves.

As a family decide on an exercise program together, plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks and discuss the importance of taking care of your body. Even young children can join in!

8. Get support. 

Adopting a healthier lifestyle takes time, dedication and hard work. Give yourself the best chance at succeeding by getting lots of emotional support.

Encourage your spouse or a friend to work on their health too, ask for support from family and friends or find an online chat room where you can talk with people who are working towards similar goals.

Having people you can talk to and get strength from when you need it will make it easier to reach your health goals.

9. Learn how to effectively manage stress. 

When you are stressed, several hormones 

become more present in your body and bloodstream.

Cortisol and norepinephrine 

actually raise blood pressure and can lead to a weakened immune system, this it is 
important to recognize when you are feeling stressed, and what is causing the stress you are experiencing.

Stress does not have to come from external circumstances. Nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep and emotional difficulties can affect stress levels.

 External circumstances such as change, environment, relationship and work can cause high stress as well. When you know how to recognize the feeling of stress, and you learn to manage the stressors, you are on your way to a healthier future.

10. Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).

 A simple ratio of your height and weight will allow you to determine whether or not you are overweight.

The higher the number, the more overweight you are. A normal BMI is in the 18.5-24.9 range. Anything higher puts you into the overweight range. If your BMI is 30 or higher, you are considered obese.

 Find out your BMI with the online calculator at

11. Decide on a reward for yourself when you make progress on your health goals.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, exercise more or just generally live a healthier lifestyle, a great motivator is to work toward something you want.

 That may be a new book, a spa treatment, a CD… whatever motivates you. Once you reach your interim goal give yourself the reward to celebrate your hard work.
Read this to goal setting for healthy weight. 

12. Use more natural, healthier cleaning products.

 Did you know that companies who make cleaning products are not required to list the ingredients in those products? These are deemed trade secrets so it would be unfair to divulge those secrets.

 However what they don’t tell you is that many of the ingredients they use are chemicals that are proven carcinogens. Meaning they cause cancer.

 Chlorine for example is widely used in household cleaners even though it has been linked to certain types of cancer.

Make the healthier choice for your family by using all natural cleaning ingredients. include white vinegar, lemon and baking soda. Also try borax, vegetable based liquid 

soap and even club soda.

They clean just as well and won’t fill your home with harmful 


13. Keep a positive outlook.

 A 30-year study has shown that people who are pessimistic live shorter lives. In fact they are 19% more likely to die earlier than expected. And let’s face it, it’s more fun to look at life with a positive spin!

14. Keep in mind that a small waist is better for your health.

If your waist measures 35 inches or less at the point just above your hipbone, then you are in the normal and healthy waist measurement category. However, if your waist is larger than 35 inches, you are 

generally at a higher risk for developing heart disease and other problems. You can take this measurement right now with a cloth tape measure.

15. Understand the role of genetics in weight.

Your genetic makeup definitely plays a role 

in your body weight. As a matter of fact, your genes are 70% of the influence. When 
your parents are overweight, you have a much higher chance of becoming overweight as well.

It does not mean that you will definitely become overweight – it just means that 

there is a likelihood that you could.

16. Maintain your high school weight.

 One of the best ways to stay healthy throughout your life is to maintain the leanness you had at 18. Fat cells produce hormones that increase your risk of developing diabetes, increase inflammation and also increase the chance that you will develop certain cancers.

Studies have demonstrated that people under 75 years old actually have twice the likelihood of premature death when they are overweight.

17. Listen to music.

Listening to music can actually help to increase your body’s immune system. Studies have shown that singers actually have a higher measurable quantity of the 

Iga antibody, which is important for fighting infections, than other people.

So, take some time to listen to music today – and sing along for good health.

18. Hug more often.

 Physical contact with our loved ones actually makes us healthier. Studies show that people who get a good hug every morning are able to combat the harmful effects of stress throughout the day.

Researchers believe this is more proof that 

humans are “hard wired” to be social.

So grab your partner and give him or her a great big hug!

19. Have a good cry.

 Unfortunately crying is not sociall acceptable in our culture, especially for men.

But when it comes to it’s effects on your health, it is probably the fastest and healthiest way to release strong emotions. Having a good cry with give your immune system a boost, help eliminate depression, reduce your stress levels, and make it possible for you to think more clearly.

20. Get a good quality pillow.

 Getting a good night’s sleep is important to your overall health. And one of the best ways to do this is to make sure that you’re using a good pillow.

 Studies show that the kind with an indent in the middle seem to provide a better night’s sleep and help to reduce neck pain.

Another option is a “cool” pillow. These arepillows that are designed to keep your head cool using natural fibers as the filling or a blend of ceramic fibers and sodium sulfate.

21. Make sure you have comfortable shoes that fit properly.

 Your shoes impact more than just your feet – your knees and back are also affected by your choice of footwear.

Be kind to your body and take the time to find shoes that are right for you. Most reputable shoes stores have people on staff who will meet with you for a consultation to ensure you’re buying shoes that meet your specific needs.

22. Get a massage.

Did you know that experts believe 80% – 90% of disease is caused by stress-related tension?

If you didn’t already have an incentive to de-stress, that statistic should do it! A great way to help your body relax and counteract the harmful affects of stress is to get a massage. 

Whether you opt for the one hour full body option or a fifteen minute back only massage, you will be giving your body and mind a wonderful gift. 
Can’t afford to go to a professional? Ask your partner to give you a massage instead.

23. Your brain is a muscle so don’t forget to exercise it.

 Keeping your mind active is a great way to stay young. And doing mind exercises can even help reduce your risk for getting Alzheimer’s. Give your grey matter aworkout by doing crossword puzzles, trivia and brain teasers.

24. Wash your hands.

Washing your hands often and thoroughly is one of the best ways to ward off nasty germs.

 But a quick rinse won’t do it. To make sure you’ve killed all of the germs, repeat the ABCs while soaping up. It takes a little longer but you’ll know your hands are truly clean. When you’re on the go and can’t wash as often as you would like 

to, use an antibacterial hand sanitizer that doesn’t require water. And during cold and flu season give yourself extra assurance that you won’t get sick by washing your hands before and after going to the bathroom, blowing your nose and eating. 

25. Improve the quality of the air in your home.

 One of the reasons people tend to 

get sick more often in the winter is the poor quality of indoor air. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has completed tests on indoor air quality and found indoor pollutants to be as high as two to five times higher than outdoor levels.

 As a result they say that the levels of indoor pollutants is one of the greatest risks to our health.

26. Boost your immune system. 

There are lots of natural immune system boosters. Two of the best are fresh garlic and onions. Although you can get garlic pills and powdered garlic, go for the fresh stuff for the maximum benefit.

Another great use for onions (if you can stand the smell) is to cut one in half and leave it on your nightstand to reduce the level of harmful bacteria and airborne viruses in your bedroom.

27. Keep contaminants out of your drinking water.

 There are thousands of contaminants 

in your drinking water that you’re not even aware of. And not only can they enter your 
body when you ingest them, but also during showering. Eliminate these contaminants by investing in a good quality water filtration system for your home.

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