Goal Setting for a Healthy Weight

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Goal Setting for a Healthy Weight
Goal Setting for a Healthy Weight

To turn your weight loss ambitions into success, create goals that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle in small, manageable steps.

Develop your weight loss goals with these SMART guidelines:

● Specific: Write down the details of exactly what you would like to accomplish.
Where? When? Why? How? Set a basis for tracking your progress.

● Measurable: Think in both the long and short term. Set weekly and monthly goals
to keep yourself on track.

● Attainable: Consider your expectations and personal situation. It’s great to aim
high, but don’t set yourself up for failure.

● Relevant: Is this change important to you right now?

● Timing: Choose a definite start and finish date to hold
yourself accountable.

Setbacks will happen.

You’re human. Don’t let an overindulgence force
you off the track. Instead,
● Use it as a learning opportunity. What can
you do to prevent this from happening
● Keep a positive attitude. Making lifestyle
changes is not easy, give yourself some
● Focus on the progress and changes you
have made and continue to find strategies
that work best for you.

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Source:  Breanna Leas
UMHS Dietetic Intern 2014

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