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The struggle for our healthy skin, hair and nails never ends. With flaccid and rough skins, patches on the face, and dry faces and even brittle nails, we are so confident that these things can affect your self-esteem, and this can also be your greatest insecurity. Of course, everyone likes to be confident about his performance.

However, before you go to the nearest supermarket to buy new products announced on TV, and before you massage the moisturizer you bought yesterday into your face, you stop there. Take a look at this simple yet efficient list so you can change your usual routine (which seems to be a false belief) to improve your natural beauty.

Apply your moisturizer as soon as your face is dry

It’s important for you to know that moisturizers do not bring moisture back to your skin, we’re sorry, but it’s a joke. What it does is it catches water on your face and skin by preventing it from evaporating. As the American Academy of Dermatology says, you should use a moisturizer in three minutes to wash your face.
Here’s one more thing you need to know: Drinking plenty of water is not enough to moisturize your skin and face. We can not deny the fact that the water you took was first distributed to several organs before reaching your skin.
sleeping on your back
What creates dark circles and expands in our eyes is when we bury our faces in our pillows, especially when we sleep on our stomachs and when we sleep on our side.

Sleeping on your back

If you think the problem is in your bed or sofa bed at home, it would be better for you to replace it with a mattress that is stronger than you have today. All you need to do is get your back in bed and lift your head with a pillow.
Sleep for at least seven hours
There are people whose skin turns yellow, and their eyes become swollen when they are not getting enough sleep.

Girl sleeping on the bed

A study from the University Hospital Health Center Case stated that those who did not have enough hours of sleep proved susceptible to some skin problems and aging their skin faster than usual (up to fifty percent faster than those who get sufficient sleep).
Those who do not get enough sleep are also more susceptible to fine lines, uneven skin pigmentation, increased moisture loss, and slower sunburn.

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