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About sensiclo.com

The aim of the sensiclo.com is to promote leadership that takes into account the good of all earth citizens – creating understanding between people of different cultures, positions, religions, sexes, history, status, and income. Our primary educational directions are to help people discover their wisdom and to spread wisdom around the world – making it a better place.

Our vision is to build a global community that inspires, educates, trains and empowers our youth to embrace their unique leadership and help them develop a vibrant consciousness, live their truth and make powerful choices. To be engaged responsible citizens, committed to taking ownership of how they choose to impact the world.

Our primary mission is leadership with/through heart. :)

In sensiclo.com blog we would like to explore with you different aspects of leadership – as practical and as useful as possible. As in our blog ,we will  discuss  at least 4 levels of leadership:

1. Self leadership – about how to lead yourself

2. Co-leadership – learning how to lead relationships

3. Team leadership – leading teams

4. Organizational/community leadership

Sensiclo offers ideas and recommendations to travellers who are planning a memorable self-drive holiday. Our site includes various tools and tips to help you plan your trip. If you love wildlife and outstanding natural landscapes, then this site will surely suit your requirements.

We offer different itineraries to suit your personal tastes and needs. Our team will be happy to help you set up a tailor-made tour filled with breathtaking views, amazing wildlife and other attractions which will make your holiday a unique experience of a lifetime!

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