Secrets Why You Might Be Gaining Weight

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Secrets Why You Might Be Gaining Weight  fast

Some people can stick to a healthy diet and exercise program and still struggle with losing that extra weight.  Research has shown that there could be a number of surprising things that may in fact be contributing to this that, when addressed, the weight will begin to disappear.
A group of known medical doctors were asked, “what some of the medical culprits that could cause weight gain.  Their findings may surprise you.  If you have any of these symptoms, you should seek medical assistance ASAP.

Endocrine Disorders

The most common reason these disorders lead to weight gain is from an overactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), which can play with your metabolism.  Studies show that about 26 million Americans suffer from this condition, but less than one third have been diagnosed and are being treated.  All it takes is a simple blood test to find out and treatment is as simple a taking a pill everyday.
Some of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism are: Fatigue, weakness, dry skin, dry hair, hair loss, cold to the intolerance, depression, decreased libido.


Depression is one of the most common diseases today.  It can lead to weight gain because the brain chemical serotonin controls mood and appetite.  If there is a deficiency of this chemical, it can cause changes in appetite.  Depression can also cause isolation and lack of motivation to exercise, which compounds the problem making the person even more depressed, causing more lack of motivation, which creates a vicious cycle.

The symptoms of depression are sometimes obvious if you’re not the person who is depressed.  However if you’re experiencing depression you might not be as likely to recognize these: Feelings of hopelessness, loss of interest in activities, irritability and
restlessness, unexplained aches and pains.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep can affect your hormone cycle and increase appetite and possible insulin resistance, leading to intense sugar cravings.  Ghrelin and leptin, two hormones that control appetite can also change and lead to lead to weight gain.
The symptoms of lack of sleep are obvious: tossing and turning, which leads to the inability to concentrate during the day.


Diabetes medications, oral contraceptives (generally, about 3 to 5 pounds; though, it’s important to note that some people lose weight on BCPs), Depo-Provera shots (commonly 5 to 10 pounds a year), and anti-depressant medications (which may be due more to the depression than the medication).
Potential side effects can vary with different medications.  Talk to you doctor any time you start new medications for a list of possible side effects. This leads into our next area.


We are totally bombarded with toxins and chemicals wherever we turn. They’re in most of the foods we eat, the water we drink and bath in, even the air we breath. Toxins clog our liver, kidneys, intestines, etc so that we feel sluggish, unable to properly digest our food, have no energy, with many of the above symptoms. It causes a vicious cycle which leads to sickness, poor health and obesity. One of the best things we can do for our bodies is to perform a cleansing and whole body detox every 3-6 months.


Stress has been linked to an increase in levels of cortisol, which is a hormone that is released when we’re stressed.  It’s also been found to cause excess belly fat in women.  The adrenal gland handles stress in the body.  Too much stress can cause elevated levels which is followed by inadequate cortisol levels, which both can cause weight gain.

Try to notice the signs early and control the feelings by breathing and putting yourself into a relaxed state and better frame of mind.  Look for relaxation exercises, when practiced they can keep your body at normal levels.  Many times just having an exercise plan that you’re comfortable with can keep your life in balance.

The object in pointing these out is to make you aware of what you may be facing and give corrective measures to resolve the issue. Use this knowledge to give you a better understanding of possible areas that you may need to gather more information on.

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A diet plan that’s coupled with a regular exercise routine and the advise given here can counter act most of these conditions. You should also talk to your medical doctor to see if there may be some alternatives for the medications you may be taking.

Here’s a comprehensive diet plan that is worth checking out to help create balance.  It may give you more leverage to overcome some of these obstacles.

For a more targeted analysis you can pin point your symptoms with a simple blood test. This will show if there is a problem or not. Below is a blood test that you can order online.

Also visit other pages within this site as it’s full of tips, ideas and secrets that may be of assistance to help you counter act your obstacles opposing you. Use the search bar for specific search terms.
May be you like a check ideal body weight with this calculator.

 This is the easiest way to correct deficiencies. You can still do the blood test if you feel you might have a certain area that needs attention. Piece of mind is worth it. If you decide to go for supplements you’ll feel the difference and can also take another test just to prove you’re right. Again, to make it convenient for you I’ve provided a direct link to Life Extension.

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