Why Am I Fat?

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America is facing a huge battle of being overweight and obesity. Statistics show that roughly 80% of Americans are overweight. We’re bombarded with information of so called experts telling us what we need to do to lose weight.

 These “theories” range from: eat less carbohydrates, to eat less calories, to eat less fat while others say to exercise more.

I’d like to present you with some theories from research and information that others and myself have gathered over the past 20 years. Hopefully they’ll find them helpful.

We all know people that just seem to be able to eat anything they want and not gain a pound and yet someone else can just look at a piece of cake and gain five pounds.

Are some people just meant to be fat?  Let’s look at some of these opinions to see if we can answer this question. We’ll look at some of the top reasons.

Some people can’t burn off food as fast as others. They have a slow metabolism that prevents them from eating as much. On the opposite end someone with a fast metabolism can eat as much as they want and their body just burns it up.

So the next question we need to ask is what controls the metabolism? Certain organs and glands control and regulate how your body burns food.

 These are the thyroid, pancreas, liver, stomach, small intestines, large intestines and colon.

If you have an abnormal metabolism there’s a good chance that these organs and glands are not functioning at the levels they should be.

 So what are possible causes that these organs and glands are not functioning properly?

 There are many things that are possible causes which include losing and gaining weight often: yo-yo dieting. This will confuse your metabolism. Let’s look at some other things that could cause a malfunction.

If your thyroid is under-active your body will convert food to energy much slower which increases your chance that the food you eat will turn to fat. It’s not really known what causes an under-active thyroid but there are some opinions that one of the main contributing factors is the fluoride in the water we drink. Let’s look at another reason for the possible malfunction.

People that are overweight usually secrete insulin faster than thin people. This shows that their pancreas isn’t working properly. It’s not really known what causes this imbalance but it would appear that food additives and some of the refinement of foods like sugar, flour etc. Let’s look at some more.

People that are overweight seem to have a sluggish or clogged liver. When the liver is clogged it will slow down your metabolism. One of the main causes is taking-over-the-counter medications. Also choline, fluoride, food additives, refined sugar and white flour, artificial sweeteners will all contribute to slowly clogging your liver.

Overweight people have a hard time producing enzymes to digest their food which leads to more of a chance the body will store food as fat in the body. One of the main causes of this is candida yeast in the intestines which could be a result of antibiotics. Other contributing factors are prescription and non-prescription drugs and chlorine and fluoride in our water supply. A cleansing program will flush these toxins out of your body. You can also try digestive enzymes.

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